Seniors or Disabled Travel...

Getting into or out of a bus can be difficult when a person has even a minor mobility problem, or such problems as arthritis, or perhaps knee, hip, back or leg injuries.

We aim to take the stress out of travel by providing a mini bus with a hydraulic lifter and a capacity to carry up to 18 passengers, or up to 14 passengers plus a further 2 passenger in wheelchairs if needed, together with a friendly caring approach with which we can help everyone travel together.

Seniors Travel

For any group travel, from shopping expeditions, cinema or lunch outings to a day touring around your favourite region, or even having 4 generations of your family travel together for a day outing, we can help make your travel plans become a reality in a safe, pleasant and comfortable manner.

For more information about Seniors Tours, please visit out Tours page.

Because we specialize in travel for seniors and people over 50, we understand the special needs of people who may have difficulty getting around.

This means that we can take everyone in your group, and that having a mobility problem does not mean you have to have the disappointment of missing out on travelling with your friends.

Disabled Travel

Having a disability or mobility difficulty shouldn’t mean that you miss out on travelling with your friends or family, and we aim to help everyone in your group travel together.

 People involved with, or living in:

Who may need to use a:

can all be helped in and out of the bus by our professional, friendly staff, avoiding the disappointment of missing out on travelling together.

An enclosed luggage trailer can also be provided to carry any folding wheelchairs, walking frames, mobility scooters or any other luggage or equipment that may be required.

We can also priovide picnic tables, chairs and esky's by arrangement.

So contact Ezylift for friendly help and a competitive quote on your travel needs.